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Taisa ([personal profile] noletters) wrote2012-03-29 03:35 pm

Avatar: The Last Airbender Streaming

Legend of Korra is airing on April 14th. Yea, I'm one of those people who avoided the leaks and want to watch it on the day it airs, but not the point of this entry.

I've been thinking about watching all of the original Avatar before it airs, just for the sake of going through the adventure again and have a nostalgia trip. Then I thought, maybe I should stream it too. Gives people a chance to watch it again and maybe have people who missed out a chance to get into the series too. So this is where we are now.

Right now, I'm looking at streaming around 9pm EST everyday, up to the April 14th. 3-4 episodes will be shown each night, which I got a chart here so you guys can see how many eps are going to be streamed. This is all 61 episodes o7

[Date-#ofEp] 29-4 | 30-3 | 31-4 | 1-4 | 2-4 | 3-4 | 4-3 | 5-4 | 6-4 | 7-4 | 8-4 | 9-4 | 10-4 | 11-3 | 12-4 | 13-4

I normally don't save recordings of shows because that would get me copyright infringements everywhere, but I'll keep streams of each night for about 2 days before deleting them.

You can join in at this stream: