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Shopping Entry


Kirara - $10
She's got a bit of dust on her, but still in good condition.

Roxas - $20
Never came out of his wrapper, so he's still good as new.

Axel - $12
Also has some dust bunnies like Kirara, but still in good condition.

Ichigo - $5
He's a smaller plushie, hence the price. Looks good as new.


Rahxephon Vol 1-3,5-7
Buy them together - $14
Buy them separately - $3 each


Hunter X Hunter Manga Vol. 1-7
Buy them together - $12
Buy them separately - $2 Each
Some of the books have yellow pages, but still in good condition.

Tsubasa Chronicles Vol 1-3 Bundle - $8

Kare Kano Vol. 1 and 6 - $2 each

Megatokyo Vol. 1 - $1
Fullmetal Alchemist Novel - Under the Faraway Sky - $4
Deathnote Vol. 9 - $3

Yuri/Flynn Doujinshi by artist Amarans - $4 SOLD
Only been opened once. I can take preview photos if asked.

Shipping within the US is free. International shipping is an additional $8.
If you want tracking for your items, it's an additional $2 in US and $10 for international.
I'm only accepting payment through Paypal.
If you end up not liking what you bought, I will refund you AFTER I receive the item back.
Please leave a comment here or PM me items you're interested in purchasing or have any questions.
You may also email me at taisaazudragon[at]gmail[dot]com