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Can I just say that I want to go back to Otakon again? I've had far more fun at Ota than I did at Anime Expo, and I believe it was because I went there knowing I would be meeting up with people I've only spoken to over the internet. I barely did anything I was planning to do and spent most of it getting to know everyone I met. Either that or just...trying my hardest to stay cool

Thursday - Day 0
So I think Thursday can easily be summed up by this photo

Learned the hard way of taking a Taxi is not fun. I'm not someone born in a city to really be familiar enough with using the railways and I just wasn't ready to try something like that on my own, especially when I was keeping an eye on a minor. But yea anyway, Baltimore felt like Florida and Texas combined. Seriously did not feel like we left rofl. There was already a huge line to get pre-reg tickets. This was around...idk 2 in the afternoon?

Thought about checking out the Japanese Matsuri that was going on, but it was just too hot to do anything. I decided to get into my Dawn cosplay, because it was definitely a lot more comfortable wearing in the hot weather than what I had on before. I was staying with Marion, Katie and Mel at the hotel and we all wandered out of the hotel to meet up with a few Luceti-players that were going to Otakon too at a CVS store. We then all decided to head to the Hilton to wait for a few people who were just coming in. I think it was Kyio we were waiting for. After she got there we decided to try our luck with getting our badges. Surprisingly there was no longer a line outside when we got there. So we secure our badges for the weekend. I was rather fascinated by the fact we could choose from six different badge designs. I just never seen a con do that before lol. I was tempted to consider getting the Gundam UC badge, but I went with Madoka instead. We then hung out at Kyo's hotel room for a bit to play some Graces F. At some point we left with Kyio to get some stuff for ....something pie ajskhafa. Which I never got to try 8(. But basically Mel stayed behind and we were traded with Kyio rofl.

Along the way we found Raven and his arrows

We all had some subs at Jimmy Johns afterwards and that was basically all that happened on Thursday. Despite that, most of us were already feeling kinda meh with the heat, and seeing people in cosplay that clearly shouldn't be cosplaying that in the heat was exhausting rofl. Hence where "IT'S ONLY THURSDAY" comes in.

Friday - Day 1
And now it's Day 1 of the con. Let me just say this now. Lines. And obnoxious security people. People I know online will quickly discover how much of a camera whore I am that day rofl. I went around as Leia, because I didn't feel like walking around in the heat later to switch out of my Dawn to Leia.

The only panel I remember going to on Friday was the "Going to Japan" and a little bit of the Crossplay panel later that evening. I was really only there for the make-up stuff.

I went to the Pokemon Shoot and covered it.

Fyi, I hate all the photos I took during that shoot. Horrible, horrible lighting. Anyway, Mel, Kyo, Vil, Cam, Lommy were all cosplaying from Pokemon that day, hence why I kept these.

We then went downstairs and found Stealthy. She and Annie were in charge of organizing the Tales Shoot at Otakon and she'd be Alvin later that day. We all just kinda huddled in that area for a while until the Dealer's room was open around noon. Dat Dealer's Hall was massive. It's not as big as AX was, but still pretty big. Probably double the size of Megacon's. I only bought one thing that day, and it was a giant dragonite plush pillow. Which I'll post a photo of later on in this report.

So after finally figuring out where the heck the exit was, we all went back with Kyio to the hotel to get ready of the Tales of Shoot at 4. Kyio was going as the Spa Outfit Yuri. We had some hilarious moments in the room while she was getting ready, where it turned into something like Alexei and Yuri are helping each other.

Yuri: Can you put my hair up?
Alexei: Can you unzip me?

Yea, we kinda lost it during that hour. So then came the Tales of Shoot!
I have never seen so many Tales at one con, omg. I had so many feels when I saw all the Karols ;w;. And then I saw Van and I remember everyone laughing cause I was all like "OH DAMN. I WISH I HAD BROUGHT ALEXEI NOW". But yea the shoot was a lot of fun! I never got around to teaching Stealthy the victory between Leia and Alvin sadly, but I'm sure people got photos of us doing the pose at the end.

So after that it was back to the hotel to change out and go to the Luceti meetup.
There were a lot of us, like wow

I didn't realize there were so many of us in one place lol. I basically scrapped the video idea and just took photos of everyone doing their thing. We got a few Luceti-themes going on like being mallynapped--which no one seem to care that Gold and Silver were being taken rofl, experiments, wings and journals. A lot of thank you goes to my friend Kat for playing the "droid" and "scientist". She's not in Luceti, but man I don't think I'd have survive most of the con without her that weekend. So thank you for putting up with my derping!

And a shoutout to Batty for having the most animated expressions rofl. Also created a video of Kyo and Mel meeting in person. The idea happened because of Kyo thinking about the Chariots of Fire when he and Mel finally meet up. So this happened:

Also that Dango Nigga version started playing during the recording. I didn't pick it, but my ipod did and Mel hates that song rofl. Just her reactions to it though was so worth it and at some point Kyo started chasing her around with it. Boy was she not happy

So after the meetup, we all went back to Luna's hotel room and just...chatted the night away rofl. We ordered some Chinese and played around with those cat ears that senses brainwaves. At some point I recorded a video of all of us in the room. I don't honestly know what to do with the video? lol It's not really something I want to put on Youtube :|a Anyway, food came, we ate, it got late so I had to drag Mel with me back to the hotel. We walked through the convention and just as we got to the final area, I found Jii.

Now if you don't know Jii, he's a cosplayer I met over on tumblr. We had been talking about meeting up and doing a shoot together as Hazama and Terumi. I wasn't particularly paying too much attention on finding Jii on Friday since we had already made plans to meet up Saturday, but I still kept a look out for any Gin cosplayers since I remember him saying he was going to be Gin from Bleach on Friday. I was rather happy that I got to see him in person before the meetup though. Sure, there's plenty of photos of him, but I STILL was headscratching when I first spotted him XD. And I remember kinda derping and saying something along the lines of "oh wow, you are short!" yea, I think the excitement knocked any courtesy out of my brain. |D but he was pretty hilarious and chill about it anyway. And he decided we'd meet in front of a boat model rofl. We only talked for a little while, since we had to walk a bit to get back to the hotel, but I took a quick photo of him with my Dragonite plush before leaving.

Saturday - Day 2

Saturday roles in and I remember having some trouble with the compression vest. Despite having worn that thing every other day to get used to it, I was still feeling a lot of discomfort for most of the morning. I literally decided to just sit around the meeting place about an hour early rather than wander around or check out the Dealer's Hall. So I was pretty grouchy for a while and apologize to anyone I might have offended on accident. I felt a little better halfway through the shoot though, I'm guessing I just finally adjusted to compression ves. Also, I think Kat wins at doing eye-liner so far. One day I'll be able to do it properly myself rofl.

So Jii and Dea(His GF) come rolling on by and I gave them both the shutter shades Marion had bought for all of us. We then all went over to the Hyatt for our shoot. I think it was the Hyatt anyway....we totally forgot everyone we wanted to do rofl. Me on the other hand was just kind "unsure" all the way through that shoot, because I honestly feel like I'm not doing any of the poses right on camera |D. I love how I cosplay and can do hall shots fine, but then I get nervous when asked to do something for a private shoot. I'm sure a lot of the photos with me didn't turn out well, because I just....derped ;;. I'm sure Jii realizes how much I spend more time goofing around than being serious. All the knife thrusting and licking man. Hell, a lot of the photos usually taken of me in cosplay are rather goofy most of the time, because I'm just that bad at being serious when it comes to photos. |D Anyway, our shoot had basically me, Jii, Dea (As Noel) and Marion (as Tsubaki). I think we hung around there until 12:30, half an hour before the Blazblue shoot.

Blazblue shoot...was mostly a disaster in the works. It wasn't a very large group and it was being done in a pretty crowded area and the lighting was sub-par. Not as bad as the Pokemon shoot, but still meh. I was honestly very surprised that there was no Litchi or Ragnas at this shoot. I found out later that there was a Litchi, but she didn't show up for the shoot. But hey, we got a Bang, Hakumen and Jubei show up :D. I honestly never seen many Bang or Jubeis so that was cool. Now the really bad parts during the shoot. There was no one doing the countdowns or telling us what to do. Jii and Dea basically took the show since it was so dis-organized. The other thing too was that me, Jii and Dea were basically missing items. Dea lost one of Noel's gloves, Jii lost his tie that he needed for Hazama later, and I was missing my glasses. I was panicking during the entire shoot, because I literally cannot see without them, and we had already gone almost the full length of the convention from the hotel. You can see how I was flipping out because if it had dropped in the convention, they're as good as gone or smashed. People were trying to joke around to keep me from breaking down, but it only made it worse. But yea, I just tried to keep a straight face the whole time until Kat came back with my glasses and Jii's tie a little after the shoot. And now you see why I'm so grateful Kat's around and for putting up with everything at the con rofl.

We hung around in the area for a while, and I taught Jii how to do the victory handshake from Tales of Xillia. He falcon fistbump me at some point because we got so into it XD. And sadly I can't link the only video that's up right now as it's on Facebook and friend's only.

But you can have a photo of us showing our swag. This photo was taken by a classmate of mine back in Florida. I knew he was coming, but we totally didn't realize we were right in front of each other until he mentioned being from Florida. And apparently he knew Jii too rofl. SMALL WORLD INDEED. After that we talked about Katsucon and Gangham Style. It's my goal to have a Kazuma cosplay done before I see Jii again, whether it be at Katsu or Ota....which looks to be the latter right now. We're thinking of doing a vlog adventures with Kazuma/Hazama and Terumi at cons whenever we do meet lol.

I honestly don't know how long we stayed in that area, but after we while we finally started moving back to where Jii's group was staying. We were...sadly locked out |D. So we started stripping x) I was coming back with him to pick up one of the kandi bracelets he was going to give away on Sunday. I'm really happy I decided to ask about them Saturday, since there was no way I was going to find him again Sunday. Nope. So once I got the bracelets we said our good-byes and hoping we could all hang out again later. At Otakon, that never happens rofl.

So back to the hotel again and back to the con, now equipped with a camera to cover the Tales of Shoot on Saturday:

Yet another really big turnout. I think the totals were around the 30s for both days, so yea. Griff was cosplaying as Natalia today and we had a Jude 8(. Makes me sad that we didn't cosplay from Xillia on the same day. Saturday was a little rough, because the group was basically being photo-bombed a few times. No help from Kuzco

But it's all right. This Kuzco was f-ing legit XD. I helped to organized the last big group shot, which was putting everyone in a rainbow format. What I basically had going in my head was all the reds would kneel, Orange to Blue would be in the middle ground, and then Purple, Whites, Blacks and Browns would be in the background. Unforunately, a lot of the photographers were getting really impatient and started jeering at me apparently. Two people were literally being blocked in the background so I was trying to figure out where to put them. I've run photoshoots before, but wow, I've never met such a rude group of people taking photos. We still got the job done in the end and after that hell, I went with a few Luceti people to the Game room.

Holy fuck the game room. It's the size of a dealer's room! I've NEVER seen a game room so big! And they had Blazblue on the 360! 8D Day was made omg. Though I only played one round and then wandered with Luna for a bit. She went over to Stealthy and the others and I hung around the inner fountain area and talked with Zero for a bit and then with this Mako and Korra

Me and Mako got it on, just talking about cameras and LoK for a while. I totally forgot his actual name at this point and it all happened because he was asking for my card rofl. I was an idiot for not bringing any with me at the con, they were all in the camera bag and I had forgotten to move them into a bag I was actually taking around with me 8(.

After that, I headed to the Hilton to hang with Kyio and the others who were playing PS3 Tales of Vesperia. Think it was me, Kyio, Sapph, Vil and Griff in the room at the time. Me (as Karol), Kyio (as Yuri) and Sapph (as Estelle) were playing. It was hilarious watching Kyio get lost and I had to tell her where to actually go. Totally IC for Karol to tell Yuri where to go rofl.

Once everyone was together, we all went out to get some food. Stealthy's group joined us too. And I'm sure everyone remembers how I almost crossed the street with an approaching railtrain along the way |D. But anyway, we made it to this place call The Gallery. Beautiful interior, fake Pho is all I gotta say rofl. After that we had some Boba tea and then me, Griff and Vil decided to see if we could still catch the Avatar Panel. It was canceled 8(, so all that rushing was for nothing. Instead we went to an Anime game Show, which was fun, but it kinda fell through with the technical stuff not working. So we just left after the Family Feud portion was over. Oh and just before this, I found someone cosplaying as John Doe. I literally ran out of the line for the game show to get a photo of him XDD.

After that, we went back up to Kyio's room where Kyo had put up Graces F again. I came in just in time to see the President. I kinda...could not stop giggling because DC makes the president not so far off from his Alexei voice. So it was just weird and everyone was laughing. It hit midnight at some point and I asked Kyo to take me back because I was under the impression Mel had already left early with a friend who was also staying in the same hotel as us. Turns out she didn't and was just down the hall rofl, but Kyo was a gentleman and took us back anyway :)

Sunday - Day 3

Not much to say about Sunday. Katie was nice enough to take us to the airport so we didn't have to deal with railways or taxis. I don't think I saw anyone besides Griff before we left. The last few hours were spent in the Dealer's Hall which was a hassle as they were apparently "over capacity". So guess what, lines. But me, Kat and a friend of hers managed to get in at some point. I only bought a few small trinkets in there before leaving.

And that was it. We were in the airport around 1 and had some lunch. And then were in the plane to head home...with a half hour delay because there was a baseball cap in the AC duct. Yea, I don't even know.

And here's all the stuff I came home with. Only thing not pictured is my Dragonite that's with Kat right now. He was too big 8(

If I could do this again, I totally would. I had so much more fun at this con then any con I've been to so far this year. I definitely want to try and go again next year. And to everyone I met, thanks for tolerating my camera snapping moments lol. You guys were all awesome and left me with so many fond memories. It is a real shame that it only lasted for a weekend.

My Otakon Photo Batch
Luceti Gathering here
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[personal profile] kyio 2012-08-01 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
This con was legit the best con I've ever been to, man. I didn't get to do a lot of what I had planned either, but I gotta agree - everyone there made it totally awesome.

Definitely try to come again next year, if you manage to get the funds! :| !
tenerezza: Art by askmasterandthing@tumblr, used with permission ♥ (Isn't he cute?)

[personal profile] tenerezza 2012-08-01 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)

Why couldn't they have a cute design like that for any of the years I went? :')