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I figure I go and jot down my GW2 builds that I'm pretty set on for my future reference. These only cover skills and traits.

Roaming Trap Build - [Ranger] Trap, Bleed, Solo Travel build
This is my current Ranger build I'm using since I generally have this guy out to run through maps. This is not really meant for Dungeon or PVP as I originally just built him to handle solo map travel. I would likely move his Beastmastery traits elsewhere, since this build relies more on traps and weapons than pets. For the moment, I give pets some survivability since I'm soloing with my Ranger a lot. Side these little changes, this is still basically a trap + bleed build. THEY FINALLY FIXED THE SKIRMISHING LINE BY PUTTING IN GRANDMASTER SKILLS THAT ACTUALLY BENEFIT TRAPS. THANK GOD. Going Tier 3 with Skirmishing used to be useless for trap builds.

Basically use the shortbow to stack bleed damage and traps to add more status effects or slow them down. Sometimes I go between Spike or Frost trap depending on the situation. With a longbow, I generally use it at the start and then swap to the shortbow when the enemy gets closer. Longbow also has a nice AOE skill to handle mobs. Elite skill is 90% of the time Entangle, the other 10% is Rampage as One for boss fights.

I used to do Shortbow/Axe+Horn but now I went back to Shortbow/Longbow combo. I just prefer bows over the suggested Axe+Horn combo. On occasion I use Axe+Horn if I'm trying to cover long distance (Horn has a swiftness boon).

If I do run him on dungeon, I usually change Tier 2's marksmanship to Spotter to give allies 70+ precision, and change Muddy Terrain to Expertise Training in Wilderness Survival.

Rallying Support Build - [Guardian] Shouts and Survivability Build
So this is the build I'm going for with my Charr Guardian. It's based around using Shouts and increasing Survivability as a tank. She can't give the damage, but she'll give the enemies something to hit for a while. Shouts give boons and because of her trait line, also gives her regeneration each time she gives boons. Even better, she can remove people's conditions whenever she shouts.

Since Guardians don't have a skill that can aggro enemies (which kinda sucks), I use a Greatsword to pull or reach enemies first. Leap of Faith covers the distance to reach enemies, and Binding Blade is good to pull enemies toward you. Her secondary weapons go between Mace+Shield, or Scepter+Shield. The shield has Shield of Absorption to create a barrier that forces enemies off people and mace that can grant protection to people around the Guardian. So it's usually Greatsword for mobs, and MAce+Shield when handling any enemies fighting the rest of the group. I use Scepter if close-range attacks are useless against a boss or whatever.

Not too crazy with the Elite skills Guardians have, but I go between Tome of Wrath or Courage, depending on the situation.

This is being built specifically to handle dungeon runs or group events. While she could manage on her own, her low attack strength means things can run foreveeeer by herself, so she's mostly meant to play heavy support with some pull on enemies.

That's about all the builds I got for right now as I haven't played much with my Engineer or Necromancer to settle with a build I like for both. Though I've kinda decided on looking into a Rifle + Turret build with the Engineer. Either that or bombs, but everyone does bombs. AND I'VE SEEN WHY THEY LIKE THE BOMBS. THEY'RE PRETTY EFFECTIVE, ESPECIALLY UNDERWATER.