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So there was a small photoshoot planned this past sunday. ER, only three people were in cosplay XD there was a 4th but he got out of his costume by the time I got there, so we had ourselves a small shoot. Almost lost my darn remote for the camera.

Small preview )

Florida heat is horrible, but having this small shoot helped me focus a lot more on various aspects and really take more personal shots.
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Finally got a site where I can put up my photos.

Besides Flickr, my more portfolio-genic photos are now here at Shown'D. Friend of mine showed me this place when we had a week of doing photography volunteer work.

It's a free service and a quick way to get yourself up with a site that's presentable. It's not limited to just photos on this website either. Drawings, Graphics, audio, even video files are allowed on here. You can pay to get more space (You start off with being able to upload 65 images. Paid, it goes up to 500), but I find that they give you plenty of room to work with with the free service already.

So now, you'll have yourself an online portfolio setup whenever ya need it when people ask for your previous works. Cool yea? I know there are other options out there, but I figure I can offer another suggestion, if people are looking.
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