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Oii this took forever. I've been at this for too long.

Hurray for distractions, but stats are cool )
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This Meme reminds me of that other meme call "Ask my Puppet" XD

Feel free to ask Alexei anything. It be good practice and I can see what I know and what I need work with. (Which I worry is a lot sometimes, orz)

...I-I promise this is the last spam for today. |D;;;

Why not?

Jun. 26th, 2010 08:50 pm
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JULY 1st

All series that apply to Namco, Bandai, and Namco Bandai, will be allowed to post at [ profile] nam_cobanda .
Here is a listing for all that apply to this event.

And no, we currently don't have an end date for this event. Just going to let it go for a while and see what happens.
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So, I'm thinking about opening up [ profile] nam_cobanda to the rest of the franchise in July.

Duration? Not a darn clue, until we scream no more?

Or should I just wait until like...around fall when it first open?

Anything in Namco, Bandai, Namco Bandai will be allowed. I'll just have to figure out the tags again...

Could give us some new faces to play with. I certainly want to send my Digimon and ES muses over for some random fun.
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Duration at [ profile] luceti

December 17th 2008 -> May 7th 2009

142 Days
About 5 Months

Character(s) at Luceti:
[ profile] reaperknock

=================== 4 Months Later =============================

October 3rd 2009 -> Current

188 Days
About 6 Months

Character(s) at Luceti:
[ profile] false_alexei
[ profile] astrogenius (November 8th '09- January 6th '10, Dropped)
[ profile] rabidrapido (November 14th - Current)
[ profile] asmilethatkills (January 6th - June 8th '10, Dropped)
[ profile] flamedork (April 4th - Current)

And thus, I have stayed at Luceti longer then previously by a month. /o/
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I'm in a good mood. SPAM ME NOW! There will be cake.
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...200+ Comments, just between two people.

I haven't gotten this big of number for ages between just two people alone.

Weasand of Cados, Mantaic )

I hate the next part of this. If you're just running straight through the desert, it goes by quicker, but you end up missing some weapons unique to the area ~_~
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Oh hey, this looks like fun. /steals from [ profile] laenavesse

Pick one of my characters and I will tell you:

♰ why I decided to play this character
♰ my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
♰ my favorite original aspect about this character (world-building for ocs or head-canon for fics)
♰ the last thing they did "off screen"
♰ what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
♰ what the next thing I'm doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever)

Ahaha, yea I know it's a giant muse list <<;;
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Friggin hell FMA. I think I may just return to Rping some FMA sooner or later. I'm really just waiting for the entire manga to finish, so I can properly read it. The whole, one chapter a month thing kind of makes it hard to keep memory fresh on the older stuff.

There's already a set time for the dub version of Brotherhood to come out too, Spring 2010. Since I've been kind of durr with keeping up with the subs.

Be the first time I start writing from the manga-verse. I was first introduce to FMA by the first anime series and then the manga, so yea Anime-Verse chars originally and then I dabble in the manga...I think my Riza was manga-verse actually.

Anyway, I'm really leaning towards King Bradley if I decide to try RPing FMA again. Also:

Ling with or without Greed

And this here shows how much my muses have changed since the olden days. My char interest are all twisty and bordering evil now or just are, oi

I mainly wrote Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye originally...I'm not sure if I can return to either, but you never know. A refreshing canon review might revive them.

...Ain't Salim adorable in this icon? 8)
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I am not 2mins late. The clock is just faster.

Anyway, [ profile] nam_cobanda is officially open and ready to claim any lost Tales muses you guys have.

I don't really expect anything at this hour, but not everyone has friended the OOC community XD;

Just making my announcement.
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I was thinking about making a meme out of this, but...I can't think of how to make it one lol oh well *tries*

Characters you want to write, but not for various reasons
List characters you've had or still have interest in writing, but for some reason, you held back from doing so. You can post your reasons why, people can leave suggestions, comments on your thoughts, etc. Then post this in your own journal with your own list of chars.

Characters you want to write )

Characters retired, but you want to bring back
List characters you once wrote and want to bring back somehow. You can post your reasons why, people can leave suggestions, comments on your thoughts, etc. Then post this in your own journal with your own list of chars.

Characters you want out of retirement )
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Roleplay Love Meme

Really hard for me to actually pick out the active ones XD cause they tend to cycle with me at random. Left a link to my musebox anyway if there's someone I didn't bother to list but has been poking.
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Have at it everyone. I want to bring out some of my lesser played characters and practice the current ones.

Do whatever, I don't care.

Here, I'll give you some topics too. Your Mun, Anon, Your Community, Halloween, Food (Which is provided somewhere), Pills 8|

Spam me.


Jul. 18th, 2009 03:06 pm
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Is anyone interested in a Harry Potter Dressing Room? The setting around the Dressing Room will be around Hogwarts school grounds, Diagon Alley, and Hogsmeade....where you can't actually leave once you're there.


Cause I can't find any HP dressing rooms on LJ, so I'm looking at starting one.
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