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...200+ Comments, just between two people.

I haven't gotten this big of number for ages between just two people alone.

Weasand of Cados, Mantaic )

I hate the next part of this. If you're just running straight through the desert, it goes by quicker, but you end up missing some weapons unique to the area ~_~
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Appropriate icon is appropriate. I just went and kicked Alexei's butt in the JPN version...and I have to do this again in the 360...baw. I think Yuri's Special Skill got turned off when I don't remember doing that and I messed up later and made Flynn use up the OVL fff, no MAs love.

Stupid bastard )
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We're going on a boat ride! Yay!

Capua Torim, Atherum )

Finished the first third of PS3 Vesperia. Seeing Schwann after the scene of the blastia exploding in Heliord, with his sword up to cover his face was retarded. That scene went by so fast anyway, I couldn't tell who it was without needing to do that. Patty shows up in Caer Bocrum, like in the demo, but doesn't stick around.

Things really change in Dahngrest. Instead of just running through the front door of the bar to get to Barbos, Raven takes them down a secret passage that's connected to both bars. Looks like there's a history of how the Union came around written on the wall? Aifread is mentioned on the wall. Raven's in the cutscenes with them when they confront Barbos first time.

Flynn joins up at Ghasfarost, to help deal with Barbos now that the situation about the letter back in Dahngrest is dealt with. Guess now that he's playable, they made him not as stiff in his movements like he was in the 360. Barbos dies, Flynn heads back first to deal with Ragou, while everyone talks about the aqua blastia and Judith leaving for a bit before heading back.

Scenes at Dahngrest are about the same, some changes in camera and extra dialogue about Flynn here and there. Annd we are all fleeing Dahngrest to start a guild. Whew. I'll definitely record PS3 Vesperia once I'm finish getting through the 360 version. Want to finish the PS3 version at least before recording it anyway.
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Talking monsters, Heracles, Brave Vesperia, Cumore, part two now starts.

Dahngrest, Brave Vesperia, Heliord )
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So, PS3. It's...heavy for the slimmer version, seems heavier then the 360. Worked out getting into the JPN network and while looking at what costumes were for download (not that I have a PS3 JPN card yet to buy anything lol), I found the demo for Vesperia. It's free to download so, why not |D Since I don't have a physical copy of the game yet.

I was surprise the demo was still downloadable )
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Hnn, I'm being slow with this thing. Maybe I'll just...cut out recording sidequests and just get through the story.

Dahngrest, Ghasfarost )

And thus ends the first part of Vesperia. I'm not sure if I should look forward to the second part or not x) (I hate that desert and Baction). I should take notes of when Raven up and goes...I'm also confuse since Alexei was still around in the videos after these, in Dahngrest, despite Ragou saying he left for the Capital. WASN'T A VERY LONG TRIP.
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